Offroad Modifications For Your Toyota Tundra

Offroad Modifications For Your Toyota Tundra

If you want to take your Toyota in N Charlotte on offroad Mod adventures, there are a lot of great options that are available. The tough Toyota FJ Cruiser isn’t going to be produced this year, but there are some other models that can handle off-roading like a boss!

These models include the Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota Tundra. They’re both able to get more off-roading capability with the right modifications!

TRD Pro Series Off-Road Package

The TRD Pro Series is more than just a cosmetic package like the TRD Sport. It’s actually designed to help you tackle more difficult trails. It includes features like the following:

This upgrade level adds part-time four-wheel drive and a locking rear differential to your Toyota Tundra. It also comes with a multi-terrain select system and crawl control.

The multi-terrain select system adjusts the power to each wheel based on the terrain you’re driving in. You can choose from rock, mud, sand, and mogul modes. It also includes a front skid plate and black overfenders. Its exterior design includes a special grille, hood scoop, and Rigid Industries fog lights.

TRD Dual Exhaust System

Adding a dual exhaust system to your Toyota Tundra may sound like an indulgent mod, but it offers performance benefits. As fuel combusts, it creates noxious byproducts that are vented through your exhaust system. A dual exhaust allows your engine to vent these gases more easily, lowering back pressure and increasing horsepower.

This factory-backed kit features a cat-back exhaust design, and it uses premium stainless steel. It also has dual TRD logo-etched tips. You can expect to gain more than 30 horsepower thanks to the reduced backpressure and improved flow.

Another benefit of choosing this kit is that it won’t void your vehicle’s warranty. That’s important because other aftermarket kits from Flowmaster, Magnaflow, and Borla could cause issues.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain Tires

Designed specifically for jeeps, SUVs and pickup trucks the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 delivers a combination of excellent on-road handling, year-long traction in snow or mud, and durability. It uses racing-inspired material to offer long tread wear and a tough sidewall.

The tread design uses interlocking blocks to stabilize the center and enhance everyday traction. Serrated shoulders promote self-cleaning and deliver 10% more traction in mud or snow.

It has a CoreGard sidewall that resists bruising and splitting from rocky trails. Its advanced deflection design also deflects rocks and other objects away from the tire to prevent damage. It is also rated with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for driving in winter weather conditions.

2-Inch Front Lift

The 2-inch front lift is an automotive modification that elevates the suspension of a vehicle. It provides added ground clearance and a more aggressive look. It also allows for larger tires, which improve traction and stability.

The lift kit also increases approach and departure angles when navigating rough terrain. However, it can affect the steering geometry and cause a loose on-center feel. Moreover, it reduces fuel efficiency due to the increased weight and friction between the wheels and road. It is recommended that you consult with an expert to ensure the proper installation of your suspension system. They can help you choose the right lift for your MULE.

Decreased Spring Rate

The spring rate is a factor that will influence the ride height and feel of your truck. Racing enthusiasts want stiffer springs to reduce body roll and maintain a low center of gravity. They also want to have lower ground clearance to prevent bottoming out on rough track conditions.

Linear rate springs have a defined amount of force per inch of deflection. For example, a 13 inch long 600lb spring takes 600lbs to compress 1 inch. Using a longer 14 inch spring of the same Spring Rate will give you the same height but with different comfort/stiffness/road feel.

Progressive springs have multiple rates through a range of deflection. This is done by increasing the distance between coils or changing the size of the spring’s diameter.

TRD Off-Road Floor Mats

Your vehicle’s carpets will be protected from dirt and spills with a set of custom-fit floor mats. Mats are usually made of carpet or rubber with lips around the edges that help trap messes and water.

If you want a set of all-weather floor liners that can withstand just about anything, choose this option from Toyota TRD PRO. They feature digitized car design for the perfect fit and are made in the United States with tough, rugged thermoplastic olefin. According to AutoAccessories Garage, they also feature anti-shift nibs and a limited lifetime warranty.

The other alternative is a set of weather-resistant floor liners from Husky Liners. They have a similar design to the TRD mats with molded channels that resemble tire tracks. They can be installed by simply removing the factory mats and fastening the liners.

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