The best ATV winch of the year is undoubtedly the Super Winch Terra 35, with a top of the line version with a staggering 5000lbs weight capacity. The Champion Power 12000 is also a high end, high capacity, winch that offers a reasonable price. Both winches have many positive reviews and are available in many different styles and sizes. While they may not fit into your existing ATV accessories, their value is well worth the extra time it takes to get the right winch for you. So what makes these winches so good? How do ATV owners find winches that will last for years and make their rides more comfortable?

Superwinch Terra ATV line of winches

Winches come in two basic categories, hydraulic or electric. Both provide the same amount of strength to lift the weight of the winch when pulling or pushing, but each type has its own advantages. Hydraulic winches are very versatile and can be used on just about any ATV with no modification. Electric winches have the advantage of being able to use them on an electric ATV as well as other types of vehicles but need a battery to run. Both types are highly recommended over traditional manual winches for the following reasons: They are durable, easy to install and maintain, and offer the best level of support for your ATV. These winches will require maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis to keep their longevity and function, but this is minimal compared to a manual winch. This gives the ATV owner the advantage of being able to clean their winches easily while still having the ability to use their winch for other purposes while not having to worry about the winch damaging or breaking down.

When purchasing a winch for your ATV, you should keep some important factors in mind before purchasing the winch. Most ATV owners prefer to choose a winch that offers plenty of support for their vehicles as well as a wide range of weight capacities.